Week in Review: Week 10, October 5-11, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tea on Tuesday

No matter how our week is going, the boys are always excited to celebrate our tea time.  

The selection of poems that have been sent to us have been an amazing variety.  I love being able to expose my boys to poetry this way.  We also received some yummy tea!

 100 Book Challenge: Book #53

We started The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall this week.  I have never heard of this book and found out that it a series, which I cannot wait to read.  One thing I love about my boys is that they never complain or even mention anything if our story has a main female character or characters.  I love reading to them about strong female characters and these four sisters can sure hold their own.  I love how real this book is.   The girls get angry with each other, tease each other, but ultimately defend each other the way real families do.  The boys keep asking for  "just one more chapter"  of this book.  You know you are reading a great book when your kids are begging for more.

                                                   Image result for The Penderwicks

Reading/ Phonics

Britton and I read this book during his reading time and I really liked the moral of the story.  You get to choose how your day will go.  A smile goes a long way.

This week Lincoln is reading his way through another Bunnicula story, Howliday Inn by James Howe and Greyson is finishing up The Return of the Indian by Lynne Reid Banks.


This week we learned about Georgia.  We read about this history of Coca-Cola and the boys got a treat by having it with their dinner.  We also made Peach cobbler and Chicken Delight.  I guess this is a Georgia dish.  It was delicious.  Chicken with Ritz crackers on it.  Yum!

We also learned about Kentucky and made our own Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I loved the breading.  It turned out almost like KFC's chicken!

 FIAR- Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar (Britton)

Britton is finishing up Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar this week.  A few friends stopped by to hear the story with us.

We looked at the drawings in this book and noticed how it is all done with lines.  Britton tried out his own cross-hatching drawing.

We learned about the water cycle and watched a MSB on it.

We also watched this short little youtube clip on the water cycle.

Read some books on the water cycle.

Britton made his own water cycle to hang on the window to watch everyday.

We also learned about different types of clouds.

And made rain cloud cupcakes.

 FIAR- Albert (Greyson & Lincoln)

Greyson and Lincoln are still reading Albert.  There is just so much to do with the story that we have worked on it for almost a month and the boys are not tired of it.  I think I need my own copy of this book.

We talked about good & bad noises.

                                               Recognizing & Preventing Noise Pollution's Daunting Health Impacts:

Made our own creepy noise makers.

We learned a lot about tomatoes.  And now I know why tomatoes are considered a vegetable.  Not at all the reason I thought!

The boys had to make their own bruschetta.

We took a tour of the neighborhood to see the vendors.  Here is a food cart.

Stopped at the bike repair shop to have the oil changed in the scooter.

Picked out flowers at the flower stand.


 The boys had to translate sentences in Spanish this week.

 Story of the World

We learned about Hinduism and the Diwali festival.  Can't wait to celebrate Diwali in November with our friend, Mala.



Sensory play

 Extra-Curricular Activities

My wonderful friend, Susannah, took all three boys out to lunch and completely spoiled them.  She is tutoring them in writing and had them all write a sensory story about their food.  She then took them out for ice cream.  It's so nice to have "family" in Bangkok.  (Susannah and I went to college together and have known each other for 15 years.  She is now working at the same school as my husband!)

Piano practice


It's Halloween month, so we have a lot of decorating to do.

Candy Corn Craft

Halloween luminaries

 Special Moments

The big boys have been working on this for at least a month.  They are entering it in a Lego competition for a Chima Fort.  I was just happy they worked on something together.

Found this little guy running across my counter.

Britton rock climbing at a friend's house.  Now all he wants to do is climb.

I had an incredibly nice friend from back home send us a box full of decorations for Halloween & Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun to open.  It's really nice to have a few things to make it feel like home.  So thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

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