We have a 6 year old!

Monday, March 14, 2016

This little guy turned 6 a few weeks ago and I am not really sure how this is possible.  This is a photo of Britton the week we moved to Thailand 5 years ago.  I never thought that we would still be in Thailand 5 years later and I didn't think my baby would turn 6 so quickly.  Honestly, I just had him!! But, he is 6, So, here is how we celebrated Britton.  

The day before Britton's birthday we had to run to the embassy to get the boys passports re-newed, so my husband took the whole day off and we decided to start celebrating Britton's birthday a day early.

We stopped at the book store to check out a few books. 

Britton got to choose where he wanted to eat and he chose McDonald's.  It's so funny because kids just have a thing about McDonald's.  He has only eaten there a handful of times and this is what he really wanted. 

Then off to go bowling. 

And to finish the day with some ice cream from Dairy Queen. 
And a visit with a superhero.

It's Britton's Birthday

 Birthday Pancakes.  A tradition at our house.
 Me & the birthday boy

Science Museum with Homeschool Co-op

 We had a homeschool field trip scheduled on Britton's birthday, so he got to celebrate the day with friends.

 We took a chemistry class with our group.  It was a lot of fun. 

Cake & Presents

 Very excited about his snorkeling gear

 I told him I would make anything for dinner...he chose peanut butter & jelly!

Friend Birthday Party/ Swim Party

A few days later we celebrated again with his friends at the pool.  Brittton had a great week celebrating his special day!

Here was Britton's 5th birthday party.  It was a Jake and the Neverland Pirate theme.  

Now to get ready for Greyson's 11th birthday!!
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Valentine's Day 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I have said it a million times...I do not enjoy Valentine's Day.  I'm not really a romantic and it puts so much pressure on you to find a gift or do something out of the ordinary.  It stresses me out.  My husband and I started dating when we were 14 & 15 and I think we only celebrated the very first Valentine's Day with gifts or flowers.  After that, we forgot about it.

But, then I had these three beautiful babies that I was over the top in love with and couldn't help but celebrate Valentine's Day with them.  The boys really get into to it too and look forward to celebrating, so the bar has been set.  Maybe they will be sweet, romantic men someday.  So every year we have a Valentine's theme day.  Here is what we did last year.  We had a party with our friends. And some fun projects we made in the past. This is how we spent our Valentine's Day this year.

Table all ready for breakfast. Free Printables HERE

I found these cute little tic tac Star Wars covers.  The boys loved them.

Breakfast was red velvet muffins, strawberries, & pink milk. 

Good Morning boys

 Chocolate covered strawberry wafer cookies. 

Lunch: Heart Grilled cheese, cheese & crackers, strawberries, Strawberry yogurt, & jello. 

Happy Valentine's Day from Thailand!

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