About our Family


I have been homeschooling the boys for the past 9 years.  Homeschooling was never something I thought I would do, but it ended up being the best choice when we were looking into schools for our oldest.  Since my oldest was born 11 years ago, I have worked many part time jobs:  childcare provider for 5 years, started Little Minds on the Grow, which provided computer lessons to children in preschools & daycares, started Ten Perfect Fingers, Ten Perfect Toes, customized hand & foot print paintings and taught in home preschool. I am currently tutoring ELD students who need extra practice with the English language.  A few of my favorite things are teaching, spending time with my children, reading and a good cup of coffee.

 In 2011, my husband and I decided to leave our lives in the States and move across the world to Thailand.  So, now we are an international family learning all about new places and cultures.  I also discovered I have a huge desire to travel.  My list of places to see continues to grow.  I love planning trips and throwing a little education into the mix.


Ben and I met when we were 14 & 15, got married right out of college, and started a family soon after. He has been teaching high school math since 2003 and because of his career we had the chance to move to Thailand. Ben enjoys playing guitar, listening to endless podcasts, and woodworking (although he hasn't been able to do that since our move to Thailand.)  He also coaches t-ball and runs math club at his high school.


12 years old
He is full of questions and has a desire to learn how everything works.  He loves science and is currently loving Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, and Steve Spangler Science.  Greyson is obsessed with anything Minecraft at the moment and loves playing with legos.  Greyson also really enjoys drawing, playing piano,  making movies, and swimming.


10 years old
He is very good at spatial thinking and loves brain buster games.  He loves Monopoly and Chess. Lincoln loves to be in the kitchen with me.  He is constantly talking and I called him "jabber jaws" all the time.  He is very sensitive and can have the saddest puppy dog eyes and of course he knows how to use them.  Lincoln also enjoys playing piano, reading, swimming, judo, Minecraft and taking photographs.


 7 years old
He is full of life and always has a smile on his face.  He has the kindest heart and is always willing to share.  He is the best to watch movies with because he gets so wrapped up in them and will gasp, cry, or cover his face depending on what is happening.  He loves playing with playdoh, Minecraft and Duplos.  He enjoys swimming, coloring, and riding his bike.
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