Greyson is in Grade 7 & Lincoln is in Grade 5
Both of the boys work on the same level for each subject except math.

Daily Virtues & Manners

We choose Virtues
We Choose Virtues

365 Manners Kids Should Know

History, Language Arts, Poetry, & Art

Build Your Library

We will be using the grade 5 curriculum with both boys.  I love that this curriculum can be used with multiple age children.  We started with this grade because I felt that if we skipped, there was just too much history we would miss out on.  We will cover from the first Americans to the Civil War in history this year.

We will be studying american Artists and American poets, such as Emily Dickinson & Robert Frost.

Language arts will be reading an amazing selection of books.  I'm excited for this part!


Elemental Science-Biology for the Logic Stage

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All About Spelling

All About Spelling Level 3


Teaching Textbooks level 6&7

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Spanish for Kids: Risa y Sonrisa

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Typing Club


IEW- Level B


Britton is in 2nd Grade:

Manners & Daily Virtues

We Choose Virtues
We Choose Virtues

365 Manners Kids Should Know

Language arts & Phonics

Explode the Code
Explode the Code Book 1

Hooked on Phonics (We also use the app)

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Writing with Ease
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All About Spelling 

All About Learning Press Logo

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History, Art, Poetry, Language Arts

Build Your Library- Grade 2

Britton will be learning about the Medieval period from knights to the Crusades to the Vikings.  Art will be focused on artwork from this time period, as well.

Science will be focused on Earth and Space.


Spanish- Risa y Sonrisas

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Computers- Typing Club

Extra Curricular Activities

Spanish Lessons with tutor (all 3 boys)
Forest School (all 3 boys)
Homeschool PE Class (all 3 boys)
Rock Climbing Club (All 3 boys)
Boy Scouts (Greyson)
Robotics Team (Greyson)

Please feel free to ask any questions about the curriculum we use.

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