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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We finished Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and all four of us really enjoyed it.  It was a fun, light-hearted book that we moved through pretty quickly.  I really enjoyed the family dynamic in the is book.  The children had complete trust in their parents no matter what crazy situation they were facing.  I really felt that they were kids that were very loved and not let down by their parents.  It was nice to read a book that didn't have any family turmoil, just lots of love and adventure.  I think all three boys would recommend this book.

We also finished reading the first book in the Ranger's Apprentice Series.  It took most of the book to really get moving, but I really think this book was meant to set the scene for the rest of the series and to start introducing the characters. I really enjoy the way this author writes.  Everythings flows together really well.  Some books are good read alouds and some are not, and this one has been a really enjoyable read aloud so far.

Britton- Nighttime

Bunnicula Strikes Again by James Howe

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Britton and I will be starting book six in the Bunnicula series tonight.  I thought he might start getting a little tired of this series.  All the books have the animals in the story solving a mystery, but he is still loving them.  Britton laughs through every chapter and is excited to see what situation they will come to next.  He especially likes the cute little Dachshund, Howie.  He is full of jokes, many of which I have to explain to Britton, but he is hilarious.  I am really glad we were introduced to this series because it has been great fun to read with Britton.

Greyson and Lincoln- Nighttime

The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2: The Burning Bridge

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We will be starting book two in the Ranger's Apprentice series tonight.  I am not sure if I will read the whole series with them or just a few of them.  I guess it depends on how much starts to happen in this next book.  I do really like the characters we have met so far in book one and there are quite a few other characters that we still need to get to know better, so I am looking  forward to seeing further character development.  This book is so different than what I would typically choose to read, so I'm just telling myself to give it a fair chance. Now the boys have been begging me to keep reading, so they are really enjoying it.  We will start tonight and I will give you an update next week.  

All 3 Read Aloud

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

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This book has been on quite a few book lists that I have looked through and I finally ended up ordering it because I could never seem to find it at any of the libraries we were going to.  I had no idea what this story was about and have actually been surprised as I have started to read it to the boys. We have a castle and knight theme going on at the moment with this book and the Ranger's Apprentice books. The main characters are 3 siblings who live in a magical castle.  Their parents (the king and queen) and the their brother disappear and the siblings are determined to protect their castle from other kingdoms trying to take over while trying to uncover what really happened to their parents.  We are only a few chapters in, but I am really liking this book so far.  I'm curious to find out what has really happened, because something is not adding up and I am sure there is a secret we will discover.

This week my boys are reading some great stories too.  Britton (age 7) is working his way through the Henry & Mudge series.  He loves them and they are the perfect level for his beginning reading journey.

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Lincoln (age 10) has been reading the 39 clues series for the past few months and has 2 1/2 books left in the entire thing.  There are 25 books in the entire series and he is determined to finish them all.

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Greyson (age 12) is starting the I Funny series by James Patterson.  Finding a book or series that he likes is always a difficult task, so I am very happy that he is enjoying this book so far.  We also want to try James Patterson's Treasure Hunter Series too.

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That is what we are reading this week!  What's on your list?

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