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Saturday, June 28, 2014

It has been ages since my last blog. I have so much to share with you. We've had trips to River Kwai, Singapore, Malaysia, a hospital stay while on holiday, and now I am currently on a girls trip in Europe for the next 11 days. ( Yes,a trip without my husband or boys. This is the first trip I have taken alone in over 10 years.) I will be sharing everything with you when I get back from Europe and have a computer to sit at. I also need to update you on my job change and what our upcoming school year has in store for the boys.

The summer is already flying by. So, I am hoping I can actually tackle some of our Summer Bucket List and my goal list for myself ( I still have to blog about that!) Once I get back I will be blogging like crazy to catch you all up!  Thanks for following along. 

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Summer Bucket List-Kid Edition

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are celebrating our last official day of school today.  So, now I can start thinking about our summer plans. We have a great summer in store, but there will always be a day where the kids say they are bored and I want to be prepared. Most of the boy's friends are going back the the States or travelling for the summer, so I need to keep these kiddos busy.  We will be traveling for 3 weeks out of the summer, so that leaves us about 30 days to plan activities for. International schools have a short 2 month summer break. Here is our list of what we hope to accomplish this summer. I also have and adult version for all the fun things I would like to do.

  1. Visit the library a couple times a week
  2. Have a picnic at a park
  3. Spend the day at a water park
  4. One on one date with each of the boys
  5. Visit a floating market
  6. Go to the art museum downtown
  7. Ride the BTS with the boys
  8. Teach the boys to make a pie
  9. Teach the boys to make their own lunch
  10. Go to children's library downtown
  11. Finish reading 6-8 chapter books to the boys
  12. Tye Dye shirts
  13. Go to Art in Paradise- Bangkok (3-D art museum)
  14. Water Balloon Toss
  15. Make popsicles 
  16. Make homemade pizza
  17. Stay up LATE having a movie marathon
  18. Visit the monthly farmer's market
  19. Have a science night with friends
  20. Ice skating at the mall
  21. Make muffins for our neighborhood helpers: Guards, coffee lady (she helps me), street sweepers,etc
  22. Have 3 country themed meal, learn about the country and watch a movie on the location
  23. Invite friends over for a movie night
  24. Go to the pool (few times a week)
  25. Stay in the city for a night or two
  26. Make a care package for a friend that is moving.  Have it sent to his new home waiting for him.
  27. Implement chore for the boys
  28. Have a game night
  29. Go bowling
  30. PVC pipe sprinkler
There they are! Our 30 ideas to fun and bored free summer.  Hope you like them.

What do you do to keep your kids from saying they are bored all summer long?  

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