Week in Review: Week 10 October 6-10

Monday, October 13, 2014

I had such high hopes for this past week.  I was really excited about all I had planned and then life happened. Let me explain.

 Our week started out great with my new schedule that I was trying out with the boys. We finished up our unit on Buddha and read a great story about his life.  The boys have also loved reading and hearing the Jataka tales that are like fables that Buddha told.  We also a few youtube videos of different Jataka tales and the boys loved watching them.  They know a lot about Buddha, but this past week really helped us understand the religion and more about Buddha's life.  I love that we can go anywhere and see Buddha images and now the boys understand what it is all about.  This is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling...we don't have to censor!

On Tuesday I made an appointment at the hospital for a few different things.  Now, the hospital in Thailand is great because it is where you go for everything...pediatrician, dentist, ENT, eye doctor, cardiology...everything!  And most of the time you don't even need an appointment.  Can you even imagine?

 It started off a little rocky with my taxi driver taking me way out of the way and I ended up being 20 minutes late to my first appointment.  From that appointment I was then sent to a specialist and found out I needed to have an ultrasound (and no, absolutely NOT pregnant).  I'm not exactly ready to share what was found, but it's something that I cannot get out of my mind.  At this point, I need to go back every six months, but at my next check-up it could be the same or worse. After this, I was a little shaky and not really sure how to react, but I headed over to see if I could get an eye exam and then off to the dermatologist.  (Thankfully, I had a clear check-up there.)

So, the rest of the week I had a hard time pulling myself back together. We did manage to make some delicious zucchini bread this week.  I can never find it for a decent price here and I think this may have been the first loaf of zucchini bread I have made since we have lived here.  The boys loved it!

We also focused on all things apples on Friday.  We read How to Make an Apple Pie and  See the World.  We found all the ingredients that the girl finds on her trip around the world. The boys made an apple pie almost completely on their own.  We also learned about apple trees and how they grow during each season.  The boys made a great apple tree that showed all four seasons on one tree.  I love how they turned out.

 Making butter

 Evaporating salt

We did a few fun Halloween activities.  The boys painted their pumpkins, we made "Graveyard" parfaits, and watched plenty of Halloween movies this week.  We will hopefully catch up next week with our Halloween activities.

Britton impressed me by writing every letter on the board when I would say the letter sound.  He is doing great.  I was able to watch Greyson and Lincoln this week at Chess club. That was a fun and I am so happy that they are a part of that club.  Many of our other extra activities were canceled this week due to more rain storms.

So, hoping we can get a lot more done next week.  But, I am realizing that getting everything done on the list is not really important.   Only a week left before we head to the beach for a vacation!  It is much needed.  If you could all send some positive thought this way, I would greatly appreciate it.

 Learning about Magnets
 Playing Mancala
Love when they read

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Thailand's BatCat Museum

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We heard about this great new museum that would be absolutely perfect for my super hero loving boys.  It's called the BatCat Museum and it is the largest toy museum in Thailand.  It's  jammed packed with over 50,000 superhero and cartoon themed toys.  It's not a very large museum, but it is packed from floor to ceiling and there is a ton to look at.  It was fun seeing toys that I had completely forgotten about from my childhood.

Britton enjoying old Batman shows

The main collection of memorabilia is related to Batman, but you will also find Star Wars, Disney characters, Smurfs and so much more.  I was really amazed that this collection was put together by one man. There are also full sized statues around the museum that were a favorite for my boys.

We only spent about an hour there, but it was nice to see a different type of museum. It was a great morning out.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 am-6 pm.   The cost is around 250 Baht for adults, 150 Baht for children.  Discount if you have a work permit or a Thai resident.  The museum is located on the outskirts of the city, so make sure you visit during the day to avoid traffic jams.

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Week in Review: Week 9 September 29- October 3

This is going to be a short post.  I was uploading all my photos onto my computer to get ready for my weekly review and my worst fear happened, all the photos disappeared off of my mini disc! Thankfully, we had a pretty boring week and I didn't take many pictures, but it still make s me feel little sick.  I did happen to take photos with my phone of all the major events, so I still have a few photos to look back on.

We were supposed to cover How to make and Apple Pie and See the World this past week, but I lost all motivation.  It's not good if I am already getting burnt out after just 9 weeks of school.  I am really looking forward to October break and hopefully getting caught back up on my school work.  We are just going to push all our apple projects to next week.


We are finishing up The Great Gilly Hopkins.  This book isn't a very long book, but it has taken us a little while to get through.  We only have a few chapters left and I am starting to really like it.  I cannot wait to find out how Gilly's life turns out.

We started out the week with breakfast at the coffee shop.  The boys had croissants and hot chocolate, to get a idea of what breakfast in France would be like.  (They are learning about France, along with a few other countries this week.)

The boys had quite a few days of swimming canceled this past week, due to storms in the afternoon.  It is rainy season right now and usually the clouds start setting in around 2:00 pm and then the rains come shortly after.    It's a bit of a bummer that the boys have missed so many days due to the rain. They did play soccer this week and are still loving it.  We have not been to Clayworks for the past few weeks.  I have needed a break from rushing to get through all of our work on Wednesdays.  We did take a half day and went ice skating.  All 3 boys had improved quite a bit.  Not as many falls and Lincoln even proclaimed that ice skating is really fun! (This was after our first time and him telling me that he would never skate again.)

The boys were pretty excited to finally get their Kano computer delivered this week.  Ben helped fund the kickstarter program for this do-it-yourself computer a year ago.  Check out the website, it is pretty cool.

October started this week, so that meant we started our 27 Days of Halloween this week!  So far the boys have made the candy corn garland, toiler paper roll bats & rice crispy ghosts. We never make it through every single project on my list, but we try.  They also have been watching plenty of Halloween movies this week.  A favorite was Ernest Scared Stupid.

We also finished our weekend up with 14 kids ages 3-12 at our house for a Halloween movie night. It is hard to find a Halloween movie that that wide of an age range would enjoy and not be scared.  We watched Hotel Transylvania and had some really yummy treats brought by the other families. We had homemade pumpkin donuts, ice cream, pumpkin bread, fresh squeezed orange juice, fruit, veggies, and rice krispy treat ghosts.  We love having movie night and try to do it once a month for the kids in our neighborhood.

So, that was our week.  It flew by and I don't really feel like we accomplished much, but we managed to check a few things off the list.  Now, I am going to be on a mission to recover my missing photos. Wish me luck!

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